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We specialize in the development,manufacturing,marketing and consulting of Hot Melt Glun Gun,Booster Cable.We have CE-EMC、CE-LVD、 GS、UL、PAHS、ROHS、EPCS and INMETRO TEST REPORT of HOT MELT GLUE GUN.The factory obeys ISO9001:2008 standards.

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JIANDE WANCHUN ELECTRIC EQUIP-MENT FACTORY founded in 1993.,it located at Meicheng Industrial Zone,Gujia Village,Meicheng Town,Jiande ,Hangzhou,Zhejiang,China.Manufacturing plant area is about 10000 square meters.

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Simple Classification Of Hot Melt Glue Gun

Simple Classification Of Hot Melt Glue Gun​Hot Melt glue gun equipment according to the different operating mode can be matched manual hot melt glue gun, automatic hot melt glue gun, according to different products...