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Simple Classification Of Hot Melt Glue Gun
- Jun 15, 2017 -

Hot Melt glue gun equipment according to the different operating mode can be matched manual hot melt glue gun, automatic hot melt glue gun, according to different products, spray the different technology can be matched with spray gun, glue gun, point glue gun, scrape glue gun. Production can be flexible choice, to solve a variety of gluing problems. Connaught Sheng Automatic Hot Melt adhesive gun using a straight-top gas opening module control spray mode, to avoid the drop gum, drawing and other undesirable phenomenon. Whether it is automatic hot melt glue gun or manual hot melt glue Gun, there is a kind of spiral out of glue, through the air pressure to achieve atomization effect, reduce the large area of product use of plastic. In addition, Connaught Sheng Hot Melt Glue gun nozzle also has a variety of specifications and models, can also be customized according to customer requirements, with great flexibility.