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Product Advantages Of Hand-mixed Rubber Gun
- Jun 15, 2017 -

1. Plastic gun Two liquid mixing equipment, the purchase cost is low, at the same time can reach the ratio, automatic mixing, quantitative introduction, plastic gun is particularly suitable for some small processing plants, the point of the product is not very large, the purchase of equipment is not cost-effective, designed for such customers.

2. Special material, not easy to break, use only when loading with glue ab rubber tube, then connected to the mixed Tsui, the operation is very simple, and small size, lightweight and durable, in line with the needs of artificial dispensing.

3. A glue gun applies to four kinds of glue, if need to replace the glue ratio, a glue gun can also meet the requirements, just replace a drive can be, will not waste resources, can be recycled.

4. AB glue gun Total capacity 50ml, portable AB glue gun suitable for a variety of ab glue of a small number of automatic stirring, intravenous drip, can completely solve the two-component adhesive products mixed and uneven problems applied to all two liquid mixed materials, such as: Epoxy resin, silicone and A/b plastic and so on.

5. The system is flexible, easy to use, can save materials and improve production efficiency. 50ML Manual AB Glue gun, designed to be lightweight, suitable for mixing ratio of 1:1/2:1 with 4:1 and 10:1, with two-part 50ML storage rubber tube, you can control the amount of glue and save material.

6. AB Glue gun is the most rigorous design at present market, the most humane, the most smooth and labor-saving glue gun. Famous for its exquisite elegance and durability. Complete AB glue gun includes gun body, AB storage barrel (AB rubber tube), mixed Tsui!