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Maintenance And Maintenance Of Hot Melt Glue Gun
- Jun 15, 2017 -

1. Please keep the hot melt adhesive surface clean to prevent impurities clogging the gun mouth.

2. Plastic gun in the use of the process if the normal out of glue, please check whether the glue gun has a fever. If the glue gun can not be normal fever, the reason may be: A, the glue gun power does not have electricity; b, plastic gun heater has been burnt; such as plastic gun fever is normal, the reason may be: the gun mouth due to impurities blocked, should be asked to handle

3. Glue gun in the plastic strip is not used up, please try not to remove the glue from the glue gun, or it may pour gum, affect the speed of the gum.

4. Glue gun in the case of Backflow phenomenon, should immediately disconnect the power supply, stop the use of professional maintenance to be used.

5. If the glue gun in the continuous heating more than 15 minutes do not use, please disconnect the power supply, can improve the service life of the glue gun

6. Avoiding the use of hot-melt guns in humid environments can lead to electrocution. Non-professional can not dismantle the hot melt glue gun.