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Introduction Of Hot Melt Glue Gun Products
- Jun 15, 2017 -

Hot Melt glue gun, with precise breaking effect, a variety of nozzles, can meet the requirements of different production lines, unique filter design, is conducive to cleaning and so on. The general hot melt glue gun for a long time in 300 Shan high-temperature use will not occur deformation, joint durability. So hot melt glue machine is widely used in electronics factory, food factory, packaging factory, such as hot melt adhesive products.

To make up for the shortcomings of the automatic spray gun, to meet the needs of mobile use of imported materials produced by the shell, can withstand 300 Shan high temperature, to ensure that the long time of high-temperature use of the state does not occur deformation, and gun body weight light, convenient and flexible operation. Unique protection design, to prevent the operator accidentally scald when working, universal joint combined with European advanced technology, Operation flexible, durable; spiral, strip, point-shaped, fog-like fiber of a variety of plastic way, available for different industries choice.