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Application Of Hot Melt Adhesive Film In Clothing
- Jun 15, 2017 -

With the development of bonding technology, in the apparel industry, bonding replaces traditional suture has become a trend, making the garment technology has caused a new change. The Hot Melt adhesive film becomes the indispensable auxiliary material in the clothing production.

Used to make clothing a wide variety of fabrics, there are traditional cotton and hemp plants, silk fabrics, and polyester, spandex, nylon and other chemical fiber material, or a blended fabric. The surface characteristics of the fabrics with different composition and different compositions are difference, and the requirements on the properties of the hot-melt adhesive film will be very big, which makes the development of the hot melt adhesive film a higher requirement.

1. Underwear Accessories

The application of Hot melt adhesive film in underwear stems from the pursuit of beauty, which is often used to seal the side of the cup with the sponge, the waistband of the trousers and the part of the pant leg. This requires hot-melt adhesive film has a very good softness and special excellent elasticity, so that the underwear can highlight the wearer's body lines, while reducing the clothing and users of the body's friction, so that wear comfortable nature, highlighting the charm!

2. No Trace Boat Socks

Boat socks with autumn shoes wear, released the beauty of the female feet, is a fashionable female favorite! It also has the use of hot melt adhesive film. Hot Melt Adhesive film is mainly used in the edge of the ship socks, requiring hot-melt adhesive film has good elasticity, excellent rebound performance and washable performance.

3. Uniform badges, Badge accessories

The application of Hot melt adhesive film in the badge and badge of the uniform is related to the bonding of material such as cloth, plastic and metal, and the strong and reliable bonding strength is the primary factor.

4. Reflective Clothing Accessories

The traditional reflective clothing mainly uses the line seam craft to sew the reflective part to the clothing, the hot melts the film in the reflective clothing application mainly is replaces the line seam craft, uses the back gum the reflective hot film to press directly presses on the clothing.

Back glue pressing technology makes the reflective strip in the clothing more solid at the same time, avoid the line seam process is not waterproof shortcomings, colleagues to enhance the overall texture of the clothing, so that reflective clothing more practical.

5. Garment Collar, cuff accessories

The use of hot melt adhesive film instead of inner liner is gradually becoming a choice in garment collar and cuffs. The more the corresponding cloth and the effect of different, can choose different plastic film. such as silk fabrics generally exempt from softer plastic film, the hard plastic film is used in the need for crisp effect of the clothing.

6. Sports, Outdoor clothing Accessories

Hot Melt Adhesive Film in sports, outdoor clothing is mainly used to replace some parts of the sewing process, so that the bonding is not elevated, wearing more intimate.

In the outdoor emergency clothing zipper, also has the use of hot melt adhesive film pressure paste, play a very good waterproof effect.