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The difference between feeder and jumper
- Jun 16, 2017 -

Feeder: RF cable for transmitting RF signals. Coaxial RF cable commonly used for transmission of BTS equipment to antenna-fed RF signals. Long length, the general dimension is larger, 7/8 "feeder as the main loss of small.

Jumper: A short cable (or optical fiber) that connects devices and devices. The essence differs from the feeder, only because the bending radius is small and soft, so it is used to connect the feeder with the antenna, the feeder and the BTS equipment, the length is shorter. The jumper also has a fiber optic jumper, connected to a short distance connection optical transmission device. Fiber jumper because of the photoelectric conversion, light in the transmission of almost 0 loss, so the loss to the lowest.

The feeder is a long line from the Lightning arrester to connect the outdoor jumper. The main function of the feeder is to send the transmitter output RF carrier signal efficiently to the antenna, which requires a small loss of the feeder, on the other hand, the impedance should be as far as possible with the transmitter output impedance and the antenna input resistance.