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Comparison between common jumper and cross connecting line
- Jun 16, 2017 -

Common jumper (straight line): For connecting different devices, such as the connection between the computer network card and the module, the connection between the wiring frame and the wiring, the wiring rack and the hub or the switch. The RJ45 connector wiring is the same at both ends of the straight line, using the T568B standard line order.

Crossover Line (crossover): Used to connect devices such as hubs to switches. The two ends of the RJ45 wiring method is not the same, respectively, using the T568B Standard and T568a standard, requiring one of the wiring to swap 1/3, 2/6 line pairs, the rest of the line can still be installed in accordance with the one by one corresponding way.

In the integrated cabling (online) Intelligent management system, also used a kind of identification jumper, it is actually a composite jumper or multi-function jumper, usually in addition to 4 pairs of lines, but also added a wire, which is made of copper wire or fiber, to connect the corresponding detection equipment to the wiring system real-time detection and management.