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Common types of jumpers
- Jun 16, 2017 -

Computer Board card jumper, fiber jumper, network jumper and so on.

The "jumper" of the inside of the computer card is a small metal stick (jumper string) embedded in the motherboard, sound card, hard disk, etc., and a small clip (jumper clip) on the metal stick. The function of the jumper is to adjust the on-off relationship of different electrical signals on the equipment, and to adjust the working state of the equipment, such as determining the motherboard voltage, driver's master-slave relationship and so on. When the jumper clips are two jumpers at the same time, it indicates that the two jumpers are connected, and if only one or no sleeve is attached, it is disconnected. Adjustment jumper is very important, if the wrong, light is a panic, serious can even burn the entire device, so in the adjustment jumper must read the instructions carefully, check the jumper name, jumper column number and on-off relationship.

The jumpers on the motherboard generally include the CPU setup jumper, the CMOS clear jumper, the BIOS block write jumper, and so on. Among them, the CPU set jumper is the most complex, if the motherboard is older, you must set the motherboard on the core voltage, accidents, double frequency jumper. Set the corresponding jumper according to the motherboard specification and CPU frequency. Typically, the motherboard corresponding to the CPU voltage is a set of jumpers, each jumper corresponds to a voltage value, find the appropriate voltage value, insert a key cap short of it, select this voltage value. Similarly, the accidents jumper and the frequency doubling jumper are found, respectively, to set the appropriate accidents and octave. Note that only one jumper short is selected in each set of jumpers.

The jumper here refers to the copper wire, made from standard jumper cables and connecting hardware, the jumper cable has two cores to eight cores, the connection hardware is two 6-bit or 8-bit module plugs, or they have one or more bare headers. Some jumpers at one end have a module plugs on the other end with 18-bit module slots, or fitted with 100P wiring plugs, mics, or module slots. The jumper is used to transfer a variety of links on the wiring rack, which can be used as a wiring rack or equipment connection cable. Modular jumper at both ends of the RJ45 joint, the use of Tia-Eia-568 needle structure, and flexible plug design to prevent loose and die. The jumper is 1 ft (0.305 m) to 500 ft (15.25 m) long, the most commonly used is 3 feet, 5 feet, 7 feet and 10 feet in length. The modular jumper is used in the workspace or as the jumper between the wiring. In the small office network or home network DIY installation, often referred to the dual-machine interconnect jumper. This jumper is not the standard jumper used in the integrated wiring, but a special hardware equipment connection line, it uses in the twisted pair line to connect two PCs pc directly, or two hub to pass RJ45 mouth butt, need crossover (commonly known as cross Connection line, jumper). It follows a specialized connection order.