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Classifying glue gun from force
- Jun 16, 2017 -

Hand glue gun, pneumatic glue gun, electric glue gun

Manual glue Gun: The operator uses the hand force presses the board to realize the glue, the glue efficiency is low, for the not frequently used professional person or the family uses the design.

Pneumatic glue gun: Need to connect compressed air source, the air to push the bottom of the glue to achieve the glue, general factory production lines are equipped with compression

Air source (through the trachea from the factory air compressor station or air compressor). Single pneumatic glue gun with little gas, if no compressed air source can be equipped with a small air compressor (commonly known as pump) can work. At present, the market high quality pneumatic glue gun with silencer, noise less than 70db, suitable for indoor requirements quiet work occasions, can also adjust the pressure, better control the amount of glue.

Electric glue gun: electric glue gun is to use rechargeable battery as power supply, equipped with charger and rechargeable battery, the market high-quality electric glue gun battery 1 hours can be full of electricity, full of electricity can play 30-45 glue, can easily complete a large number of glue work.