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Classification of rubber guns from the packing of plastic
- Jun 16, 2017 -

Single and dual-part

Single group: As the name suggests, that is, only a rubber glue gun, can be used for tube, sausage and bulk packaging form.

Tube (commonly known as hard packaging, refers to plastic packaging is a hard plastic pipe or like cartridge type, metal shop sold glass plastic is generally 310ml tube), specifications have 310 400m, 310ml is the most common.

Sausage Pack (commonly known as soft packaging, refers to the packaging is soft plastic bags or sausage-like type), specifications have 310 400m, 600ml is the most common.

Two-part: Glue gun for both glue. The application of two-part adhesive with the development of material technology is becoming more and more extensive, from small capacity to large capacity, should be used in a large proportion of rubber tube. such as: 300ml + 150ml (2:1) dual-joint rubber tube, 2 separate 200ml rubber tube, axial cylinder (commonly known as large tube sleeve small tube) and so on. Meet the needs of all industries at the same time fully compatible with all the rubber tube structure.