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Classification and overview of fiber optic jumpers
- Jun 16, 2017 -

Fiber optic jumper (also known as fiber connector), that is, access to the optical module of the fiber connector, there are many kinds of, and can not be used to each other. The SFP module is connected to the LC fiber connector and the gbic is connected to the SC fiber connector. The following is a detailed description of several commonly used fiber optic connectors in Network engineering:

Shifuch Type fiber jumper: External Strengthening method is the use of metal sleeve, fastening mode for turnbuckle. Generally used on ODF side (most of the wiring rack)

Sisch Type Fiber jumper: the connector connecting the GBIC light module, its shell is rectangular, fastening method is the use of plug-pull pin, do not need to rotate. (Maximum used on router switch)

Sist type fiber jumper: Often used in fiber optic wiring frame, the shell is round, fastening mode is turnbuckle. (for 10 Base connections, connectors are usually St types.) Used in fiber optic wiring rack)

Salch Type fiber jumper: A connector connected to an SFP module, which is made of a modular jack (RJ) latch mechanism that is easy to operate. (commonly used by routers)

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