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Application of Hot melt glue machine in carton packaging industry
- Jun 16, 2017 -

At present, the carton packaging technology in various industries began to use hot melt glue machine sealing box, large-scale sealing can be selected automatic hot melt glue machine and production line matching box, small-scale sealing can be manually hot melt glue machine spray sealing box.

Hot Melt Glue machine on the application in the packaging of the latter section, sprayed hot melts, carton bonding is completed sealed box, replaced the tie belt, tape, artificial. Automatic Hot Melt glue machine and traditional sealing technology has greater advantages: automatic Hot Melt glue machine is suitable for high-speed, large-scale production, adhesive strength is high, beautiful, cardboard box is not easily deformed. Hot Melt adhesives used in the hot melts is environmentally friendly, non-toxic tasteless, can be used in contact with food carton packaging, safety.